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During This Double Your Dating Bootcamp You Will Discover...

Learn the marketing process that gets results

  • 1

    The Mindset that's keeping you single

    Dating is nothing more than a personal marketing process. In the first challenge training you'll learn the basic language of marketing, how it translates to your love life, and why it's so crucial to speak this language moving forward.

  • 2

    The 8 life areas key to feeling passionate about what you have to offer

    Are you passionate about what you have to offer others? Learn the 8 key life areas you can control to develop a deeply passionate life you love.

  • 3

    Is your "List" keeping you single?

    Learn the process for translating your list items into the key attributes you must have in your partner.

  • 4

    Where to find the perfect partner

    Once you have the ideal qualities in mind, where do you find that perfect partner? This challenge will change the way you look at this crucial area of dating.

  • 5

    The #1 key to a successful love life

    Put all the pieces together and start to build your plan of action.

Joslyn Joslyn

I am loving this so much! I was telling some friends tonight how your course has been so helpful to me and has changed my views on dating so much. I actually met someone yesterday who I might have turned down before but because of my new outlook, I decided to give him a chance. I used to think if I wasn't going to marry them, don't date them. But now I realize how dating is getting to know people, and helps to figure out what you want, so I'm excited to get to know him better.

Thanks so much! You're the best 🙂